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Super Comboman: Smash Edition

Super Comboman is a colorful beat-em-up with wacky characters and fast-paced fighting game inspired combat based in a destructible sticker world. Fluid combos and upgradable moves allow you to smash and juggle enemies with air and ground combos, while developing your own style in the process.

#Smash Edition

We have been working on an update of our game based on community feedback and iterative updates that we have been working on since the initial release. We have been working with our friends at Flashman Games in order to bring the update of the game to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We look forward to releasing the latest iteration!

- Team Super Comboman

Play as the lovable Struggles, a big kid with a talking fanny pack (Fanny) and wobbling mullet nuggets on his dome piece. Struggles is trying to take care of his little brother Biscuit the best way he knows how....emulate his favorite comic book character SUPER COMBOMAN and bust combos on all his co-workers to get the job done and grab that check to pay for their mortgage!

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